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CCVCF Urges Governor to Sign SB232

Continuing to lobby for support of Senator Bill Monning’s recently passed Cemetery funding bill, SB232, CCVCF sent an urgent letter to Governor Jerry Brown requesting he sign the legislation into law.  On the heels of CCVCF’s contribution of $200,000, these additional funds will be applied toward the $2.6 million requirement of the State of California to accept the US Department of Veterans Affairs cemetery grant.  Read the CCVCF letter of support by clicking Support SB232.  Please feel free to join CCVCF by contacting Governor Brown and urging his immediate action on this key milestone.

Fundraising, Legislation

$1M for Fort Ord Veterans Cemetery

From Phillip Molnar, local reporter for the Monterey Herald:

“A bill now sitting on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk could free up $1 million for the proposed veterans cemetery, whose backers are scrambling to meet a key financial deadline.  The cemetery foundation needs $2.6 million by mid-October in order to prevent a major delay — or worse — in the construction schedule. The bill sponsored by state Sen. Bill Monning, D-Carmel, and Assemblyman Mark Stone, D-Scotts Valley, and others works by moving money from the state’s general fund to an endowment fund for the cemetery.”

Read the full article by clicking Monning SB232, and stay tuned for more updates!