Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist Inc. (VRSI) is Helping Veterans Succeed

If you are a veteran or know of a veteran, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists Inc. (VRSI) is dedicated to
providing support for employment. All of our services are free.
• Job Search Assistance
• Resume Preparation
• Referrals to Employers
• Job Retention Strategies
• Mock Interviews
• Referrals to Veteran Service Resources
• Microsoft Office Certification
• Supportive Services for employment needs such as work clothing, boots, gas, bus pass, etc….

Contact us by e-mail at:
Gabriela@EmploymentForVets.com Megan@EmploymentForVets.com


215 Reservation Road, Suite R, Marina, CA 93933
(831) 224-5943 or (831) 224-5946

For more information visit VRSpecialists.com or Facebook/VocationalRehabilitationSpecialists.com