Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Foundation Update


Nearly 30 years ago a dedicated group of Veterans had a vision — to establish a Veterans Cemetery at historic former Fort Ord.  In 2006, the Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Foundation (CCVCF) was formed to carry this vision forward.

After years of political and fundraising effort, a new California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery opened in October 2016. It offered only placement of cremains (ashes) in above-ground columbaria. While some may have thought that having the cremain placement component satisfied the vision, the Veterans Cemetery was not complete. It did not provide in-ground or full-body burial options for veterans and their spouses, nor optiond for those who could not be placed here due to personal choice or for cultural or religious-belief reasons.

For the Foundation, cremain placement was the initial step in our mission to provide a final resting place that recognizes and honors all veterans and their spouses. We diligently continued efforts to achieve provision of  the in-ground/full-body burial capacity.

In October 2019, CCVCF received word that a $6.1 million federal grant is being allocated for construction of a new segment to provide in-ground capability! Construction is currently expected to begin this December, and if all goes according to schedule, in-ground placement capability for both casket/full-body and cremains/urns can be available by early 2021.

The California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery is now part of an 11-phase, multiple-year development and expansion program.  Obtaining Federal grant funds for construction of each segment of the Veterans Cemetery requires the State of California Department of Veterans Affairs (Cal-Vet) to submit an application for construction grant funding.  Application submission is contingent upon having “matching” funds available at the time of application.  Additional funds are also required to cover costs not specifically provided within a Federal grant.  CCVCF has been an important source in raising matching and additional-cost funds and has already provided nearly $1.8 million in funds to date. We must continue fundraising over time to assure that future placement needs can be met and that ancillary services and facilities are provided.

CCVCF is the only 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization specifically formed to help raise funds for a complete Veterans Cemetery on the Central Coast. The Veterans Cemetery is owned and operated by the California Department of Veterans Affairs (Cal-Vet).

Your continued interest and support is welcomed and gratefully appreciated. Thank you!