Preliminary Design:

Master plan for Cemetery created with input from regional Veterans through the Veterans Cemetery Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC).

Endowment Fund:

Through the legislative action of California Assembly Bill 3035, establish an endowment fund for the provision of ongoing maintenance and operations costs of the Veterans Cemetery.  Revised calculations from the California Department of Veterans Affairs estimate a required endowment of approximately $1.5 million, down from $3.4 million.  Through legislative action of former California Assembly-member Bruce McPherson, the original Cemetery Master Plan was revised to separate an approximately 22 acre parcel of land to be sold at market rate for economic development purposes.  The proceeds of this future land sale have been earmarked for contribution to the endowment.

Clean-up and Environmental Review:

The Fort Ord Reuse Authority has been tasked with the required environmental clean-up and restoration, returning the site from its previous military use to a safe and productive state.  This clean-up has been certified and the land has been prepared for transfer to the State of California.  Further required and necessary environmental review will be conducted to determine mitigation factors, if any.


Federal Grant Program funds the construction and design costs of the Cemetery, excluding a 10% mandatory local match.  Currently, this match is estimated at $2.6 million, funds required in excess of the operations and maintenance endowment.  California State Senator William Monning has authored successful legislation authorizing the State of California to loan up to $1.5 million in order to begin construction.  Currently, Senator Monning is lobbying the Governor of California, the Hon. Jerry Brown, to approve additional legislation converting $1 million of this loan into a permanent grant.  If successful, local matching funds of $1.6 million would still be required before the State of California would accept the Federal Grant Funding and construction could begin.

Ongoing Maintenance:

While scheduled to be built by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the Central Coast State Veterans Cemetery will be owned and operated by the State of California Department of Veterans Affairs.  Interest from the Endowment Fund, along with proceeds from the interment of Veterans and revenues derived from usage of future Ancillary facilities, is required to ensure the ongoing operations and maintenance for the Cemetery in perpetuity.