CCVCF is a 501(c)(3) public charity registered with IRS and within the State of California as the Central Coast State Veterans Cemetery Nonprofit Corporation and doing business as the Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Foundation (CCVCF).

The first two phases of the Veterans Cemetery — for placement of cremains in limited numbers of niches and capability for some in-ground casket burials — are now complete and our heroes finally have a significant and beautiful location for eternal rest.
Past contributions made possible over $2 Million in required local-match funding for the federal grants that have allowed these first two phases.

The CCVCF mission is far from complete. The Veterans Cemetery is divided into 11 construction phases, and with your support, expansion of the Veterans Cemetery can continue. Expansion requires additional match funds to obtain future construction grants. All contributions of any amount are appreciated and gratefully accepted.

Thank you for your thoughtful and caring support in providing a final resting place of honor for all military service branch veterans.

To make a contribution BY MAIL, please download the form below and send it to: 
P.O. Box 849
Marina, CA 93933

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Alternatively, contribution at these suggested levels would greatly be appreciated.

Suggested Donation Levels:

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