Citizens Advisory Committee:

In February 2007 the Monterey County Board of Supervisors created the Veterans’ Cemetery Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) to the County Redevelopment and Housing Authority.  This Committee was created to be the community’s voice in the development of a plan to develop a way to identify and develop the funds necessary to establish the endowment fund created by Assembly Bill (AB) 1335.

Voting members:

James Bogan, Chair          United Veterans Council Representative

Jack Stewart, Vice Chair  United Veterans Council Representative

Rick Martin                   1st District Representative

Sam Daniels                  2nd District Representative

Leonard Ortiz                3rd District Representative

Ralph Sirtak                   4th District Representative

Bill Nye                            5th District Representative

Ex-officio members (representing):

Alec Arago                      Representative Sam Farr

Nicole Charles               Senator William Monning

Erica Parker                   Assemblymember Mark Stone

Sid Williams                  Monterey County Military & Veterans Advisory Commission

Janet Parks                     Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Foundation

J.P. Nunn                        Ft. Ord Retiree Council

Edith Johnson               Ft. Ord Reuse Authority

Tim O’Halloran            City of Seaside

Dan Fahey                      California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet)

Support Staff:

Rosa Comacho-Chavez  County of Monterey, Housing and Redevelopment Office

George Dixon                     County of Monterey, Military & Veterans Affairs Office