Cemetery Update – July 2017


The new Veterans Cemetery located on historic Fort Ord is now open.  This opening represents the first segment of a multi-stage, multi-year Veterans Cemetery development and expansion program.

Interment options are currently limited to placement of cremated remains in above-ground columbaria (concrete structures) only.  Full-body/casket burials will not be available until completion of the next segment of the cemetery is achieved.

Each segment of the cemetery requires the State (Cal-Vet) to apply for a Federal grant for its construction.  Approval of each grant is contingent upon local matching funds being available at the time of the request. These funds are for costs not covered by the VA grant. For the second segment of our local cemetery (the next 28 acres) the local match is anticipated to be in the range of $3 million.  Funds for these uncovered costs must be provided by the State or raised by other groups and organizations.

On June 27, the Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Foundation (CCVCF) received news that the State is allocating $1.5 million toward the required local match and is now expected to submit an application to the Federal government for construction funding for the full-body burial segment.  Actual allocation of federal funds is not yet guaranteed and is highly competitive.  There is, however, indication that as an existing cemetery, funding for the expansion may receive higher priority. Until the grant application is submitted and a grant is allocated, final costs remain only an estimate.  Additionally, there are on-going costs for operations and maintenance and for other facilities planned at the Cemetery.

CCVCF is the only 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization specifically formed to help raise funds for establishment of our complete Veterans cemetery.

The Veterans Cemetery is State owned and operated by the California Department of Veterans Affairs (Cal-Vet).  Burial benefits and services for Veterans are the same whether a Veteran cemetery is designated a State or National Cemetery.

Thank you for your support to make the Central Coast Veterans Cemetery a reality.  With your continued help and contributions, the expanded in-ground placement capability will make this a full functioning cemetery to honor and thank all Veterans for their service on behalf of each and every one of us.